What is A Wonderoven?

Wondersharing and Wonderblessings!
Do to others as you would have them do to you. … Luke 6:31

Abba YHWH is good! He has given us wisdom, talents and ideas to bless others.
A sister came to visit us and told us about a bag that can save you time
and money cooking in it. We could not imagine such a thing. Slow cooking in
hayboxes and holes in the ground were used in the past. With some changes
to the original instructions we decided to bless others. We could not afford
paying for them with the cost of international shipping here but we could
make similar bags with ideas found online. We use recycled material for the
inside and used foam from old cushions and mattresses for insulation.

Matthew 5:16
Thus let your light shine before men, so that they may
see your good works and they should glorify your Father in the heavens.


Their eyes open up when you tell them that they can cook with no electric and
save up to 50% by cooking in it. Less gas equals less expense, less worries
about burning food means more time for other things. Beans “Cooked” overnight
in the bag come out awesome. Soup, stews and even wonderbread…

2Tammy made some matching pot holders to go with the bags.

3Bring the pot to a rolling boil on the stove/fire and then place it in the bag.

4Make sure it is tight and covered.
If it has room for air add some material or towel.

4.3Pull the string…

4.4And tie a knot! And no worries!

Our family ministry desires to be about Torah in action to others. Love comes
as well from making their lives better. Torah is signs and wonders!
Wondersharing, wonderlove, wondershalom that surpasses all understanding.
The Romans used to say about the first Ekklesia, “what love these people have that share and have things in common” paraphrasing a lot I read that cannot recall who wrote it.

4.1They themselves are helping to be part of their blessings!

Our goal is to provide Wonderovens to those families who need them.
Eventually, we would like to be able to sell the bags, offering a donated bag
to a needy family for every one purchased. Each bag uses at least three meters
of material, a thermal lining, and recycled foam insulation. It would be a blessing
to be able to provide some of the local ladies with work in helping to put these
together as well. Each family who has received a Wonderoven so far, has been
able to invest a bit of sweat equity into them. Some have broken foam into
pieces for insulation, and others have helped sew fabric panels together.
We have asked each recipient family if they have been blessed with this gift,
to pray and think of another family in need, who might be blessed as well.
We have put a video together in Spanish promoting the Wonderoven and
are working on creating recipes in Spanish for the beneficiaries.

Please consider our servant family and the people we serve, in your gifts and
offerings so we can continue to bless others. We would like to thank those
that have contributed to this project so far, your contributions have blessed
so many. We look forward to blessing many more needy families in the
future with your continued and generous support.

The Montañez Family
L’Chaim Pura Vida!