That the people here in Costa Rica, Panama, and Nicaragua may come to learn, love,
and serve Yahshua the Messiah and keep His commandments.
Making Tziziots

That we are able to find more people to help and bless.

LChaim/Elim Love Offerings are needed:
—To be able to bring those who YHWH desires up the Mountain.
—To provide food for those who don’t have any.
—To have more access to do different activities and tools to help better the farms.
—To be able to equip the houses/cabins with enough beds, particularly for when large groups of families come.
—Most importantly, to be able to keep Elim Set-Apart all year around!


We went to visit a family living with small children in a very sad condition.
We ourselves don’t own a house but when we see the need of others we like to
share so others who are blessed by Abba YHWH can help. We have helped
many others in the past and pray we can help again. Please join us to be a light.
Please keep this young family in your prayers. We were able to help towards
some sand and gravel. They need some more help.

—Prayer request—
We were offered a deal on a 4 door diesel pick up truck.
It would save us 75% on fuel since the 4Runner we currently have is a gas hog.
This would help us minister more to the communities and congregations in other towns.
Also it would help us move animals and more produce from the farms to sell.
The problem is that finances and this year it has not been normal offerings and the
expenses of an additional family with us making it harder to save.


Tia Carmen’s Giant Letter Bible
While Tia Carmen was here we learned that she could not not read
her Bible anymore, however she could read Tammy’s Kindle on large print.
Her glasses are not good for her weak eyesight. She either needed a Giant Letter
Bible in Spanish or new prescription glasses. We prayed for a miracle. As a widow
of a pastor with no children life has shown her Abba’s mercy and compassion as He
has provided for her needs all these years. When we heard this, we hoped that we
could help, and we informed our Brothers and Sisters in Messiah about this need…

Tia-Carmen-BibleTia-Carmen+Mom (2)





And HalleluYAH did YHWH work wonders! After her time here had ended and we
had driven Tia Carmen back to her niece’s home, we went and picked up the Scriptures
our Mispacha got for her and had shipped to us. It was awesome to see her reading
her beloved Scriptures again, and even without her glasses on! She broke down
in tears after reading a Psalm. Praise Abba YHWH for this widow’s heart for His Word.

Materials for Filiberto and Selmira’s home
Dona Selmira's House BEFORE 2 Dona Selmira's House BEFORE

They are an elderly couple that we met when we moved here. They had no walls,
electric, or water, and the outhouse they had was very rustic. They had moved to the city,
but Filiberto had gotten depressed and would not eat. He had to stay inside all of
the time. After a few trips to the hospital they decided to come back to a plot
of land they had, but they ran out of money. They used pieces from other old
abandoned houses in the area that were given to them to build a floor and a roof.
We saw their need and felt compassion for them.

Dona Selmira's House Now

Dona Selmira's House AFTERBathroom Dona Selmira
Thanks to donations from our brothers and sisters in Messiah, we were able to get materials so that they could have walls, water, electricity, and a bathroom instead of an outhouse. They have also received the materials for a kitchen floor, but have been unable to find someone to install it for them. Our hands are raised and ready to help them(UPDATE: Their kitchen floor has been built, HalleluYAH!). We just see a need and share so Abba can be exalted. Looking at them with compassion and love in their age. We will be there also. May YHWH see their offering to us and multiply theirs.

Armando's TeethArmando's Teeth After
Armando’s Tooth Implant
Todah Rabah to YHWH and to our friend Louise Wohltmann, Armando’s smile is back.
It was hard to see this young man like that. Praise Abba we were able to find help
and be a good witness of the people of YHWH. He worked hard to finish paying the
balance for a permanent implant. May Abba bring Armando closer to Him.

Girls Bunk Bed

Girls Bunk Bed 2
Hilary, Sol and Ashley’s Bunk Bed

Psalms 82:3
Give right-ruling to the poor and fatherless, Do right to the afflicted and needy.
We delivered a bunk bed to these beauties. Two of them are fatherless. It touched our heart that they slept on the floor with little room in the house they live with grandma. Please pray for Hilary, Sol and Ashley. We also gave them some NT-Psalms we had since we saw them carrying a tiny one that belonged to only one of them. They were so happy singing “God is not dead” and gave us huge hugs.
Deuteronomy 10:17-19
“For YHWH your Elohim is Elohim of mighty ones and Master of masters, the great El, mighty and awesome, who shows no partiality nor takes a bribe. “He executes right-ruling for the fatherless and the widow, and loves the stranger, giving him food and a garment. “And you shall love the stranger, for you were strangers in the land of Mitsrayim.
Thanks to those who gave they now have a bed.

The Montanez Family
Servants and Emissaries of Yahshua, Children of YHVH