About Us

“…Therefore choose Life, that both you and your seed may live:
That you may love YHWH your Elohim, and that you may obey His voice,
and that you may cleave unto Him:
for He is your Life, and the length of your days…”
Deuteronomy 30:29-30

“Now this is eternal Life, that they may know You, the only true Elohim,
and Yahshua Messiah, whom You have sent.
John 17:3

Torah Observant Missionaries to Central America

Blessings from Messiah! We are Jesus, Tammy, Christian, and Christopher Montanez,
a servant family whose journey began in Puerto Rico. For 10 years, we served in
many capacities including Children’s Ministry Directors, Awana Missionaries as
well as Independent Missionaries, in Florida and along the East Coast. We turned back
to the truth of the Living Torah and the Hebraic Roots of Yahshua our Messiah,
and following the calling that YHWH laid in our hearts we ministered to
the Hispanic Churches of Florida for 3 years and then moved to Texas
to recharge and unlearn what we had been taught in the churches.

In 2010 we thought we were going to drive through Mexico to Panama.
YHWH closed the doors for us and the Passover we were going to attend was canceled.
We stayed in Texas and He became the focus of our lives. Everything was provided for a year. Families blessed us enormously and their families became our families.
We met Yisra’El and we met people that for the first time had saltiness in their
conversations and shed a light rarely seen in people we met before. Wisdom increased
and our eyes where opened. We started to walk, talk, think, and live differently.

Torah life became our life and YHWH prepared us for a journey that we never expected.
We were invited to go to UK and we agreed. We left TX to come to FL and the plans were to leave FL in a month. Weeks later the plans changed and the trip was canceled.
We continued to ministry faithfully to those that YHWH placed in our path and visited
many homes to explain the change in us. Walking the Walk works.

In Turning back there is Healing, there is Shalom, there is Life.
HalleluYAH!!! What a year!!!!

In early 2011 we were approached with the idea to pray about going to Costa Rica,
and YHWH opened the doors to bring us here. Today, we currently live in
El Valle de la Estrella in the Limon Province, which is located in the Southern
part of Costa Rica. We came here to help a beautiful couple build their home and homestead. They have been a blessing to us but Abba called them back to
the USA, while they have allowed us to stay and live in their home and
continue to build their homestead. When we first moved here, we had
no power or water, and the road did not reach the building site. We had to
bathe, wash our clothes, and bring water from the streams for all our needs.
Building materials had to be carried from the other side of one of the
streams to the building site. It built our faith and made our bodies stronger.
We had very little support but with our reducing expenses which our
extended family covered most of; we were able to continue serving others.

We live in the middle of a mountain where we plant and raise most of our food.
Abba has been good to us and has given us a great harvest to share or sell to others.
There are several small communities around us; most of them are very poor
and the only source of income is in the Banana Plantations. Costa Rican people
as well as native tribal members are all over our area.

We strive to live as a witness that speaks louder than words. We believe that
Torah in action is true love. We share Torah because it is a blessing to those
that keep it, it is healing to them, and the commandments found in Torah
are how we can establish relationships in faithfulness and truth.

The doors are open for us to go throughout Costa Rica and Central America,
we only need the provision from YHWH through you.

There are far too few Torah Observant believers of Yahshua HaMashiach
as missionaries in the world. Allow us to free the captives in Central America!
Be a part of building the Kingdom from every nation, kindred, people and
tongue! Let’s teach these to walk in Spirit and Truth by our example!
Restore the Whole House of Yisra’El. Help us restore the streets and rebuild the bridges!

Your gift is needed so we can cover the expenses of helping them and to share your
love with the poor, widows and orphans! May YHWH bless you and keep you!

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