Elim Mountain Retreat: A New Beginning

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Exodus 15:27

And they came to Ělim, where there were twelve fountains of water and seventy palm trees. And they camped there by the waters.

For the past 7 years we have worked caring for one farm that belongs to believers who went back to the USA. Now we have been trusted with another farm. Originally it was for sale and we were responsible for up-keep in case a buyer came.

The owners of the farm we are using as a family retreat and food provision in South Costa Rica named it Elim. We are located in the mountains of the Valle de la Estrella, Limón, Costa Rica. Elim has 5 houses available to host individuals and groups. The houses can be equipped with a full kitchen but we are available to share the food we eat from local, Caribbean and Israeli cuisine. The farm can be used as bird watching, hiking, or just a getaway. A kosher place away from the busy life of the city and to disconnect yourself from the distractions. We have shaded places to pray and meditate on His Torah. We will pray for you, serve you, and share our testimony and workshops as well.

We’ve got family at Elim! These families sold food and other things to pay the bus driver to bring them to our town below. We went down in two vehicles and brought them to the farm.

Barbecuing some lamb, sharing from the best we have. We also have a long list of vegetarian recipes and plants available for those who prefer not to eat meat, and we have been part time raw food eaters as well.  We can share recipes and cook together. What do you like?

Luke 18:16
But Yahshua called them to Him and said, “Let the little children come to Me, and do not forbid them, for of such is the reign of Elohim.

Hinei matov! Even the little ones are enjoying the blessings Abba has given us. They truly love us and want to come again!

Cholo is getting some needed exercise! We eventually desire to have stables and horses to go horseback-riding with our visitors.

Sitting at the Kids table! They loved it!

It was men’s night. The men went fishing, cooked and served the families. We also thanked the ladies for all they do every day for caring for our families. All good!

Men at work! What a blessing to have these brothers come and help us with road maintenance and recover a washed out culvert. L’Chaim Pura Vida is about community and have many things in common. Todah rabah to Abba YHWH for hands that are a blessing.

Blessing one another. We went to fix our neighbor Pedro’s kitchen floor and fire. Many hands lighten the load. L’Chaim Pura Vida is about loving others with our actions.


Hinei matov! We had a blessed time sharing with one another. The kids had a great time and we sang with them, paying attention to and allowing them to worship our King Yahshua\Yeshua. The parents were a huge blessing. The ladies learned cooking tips. Falafel burgers tonight! They brought also to share with us “pollorón”, the kosher twist of the Nicaraguan dish “vigorón”…

Do you want a healthy menu? We got it! Low sugar? Coconut Water Fast or Detox? Yes we can! A sweet tooth? Just say so! Try something new? Absolutely! Study Scripture? We love it! Sing, dance, or just a quiet, sleepy Shabbat? L’chaim Pura Vida is all about that and more 🙂

Psalms 149:1-3
Praise Yah! Sing to YHWH a new song, His praise in an assembly of kind ones.
2 Let Yisraʼĕl rejoice in their Maker; Let the children of Tsiyon exult in their Sovereign.
3 Let them praise His Name in a dance; Let them sing praises to Him with the tambourine and lyre.

We had an awesome night of hebraic dance, food, fellowship, praise, shofars….
L’Chaim Pura Vida is about freedom to praise and worship our King for all ages…

Boker tov! May your restoration be complete!

Last day :(, but still enjoying it! Tammy is rejoicing and the mishpacha has refreshed us. They wish they could sell everything they have to buy the field. We love their beautiful faces.

Blessed weekend and a privilege to serve these Costa Rican families. It was raining and slippery to go down and up the mountain. We hope we can fix the section of road that is bad now. Thanks to the Airaudi and McDaniel mishpacha who let us use and care for their farms. It was a retreat for us! There is faith, hope and love and there is no Torah against these and much in Torah in favor of these. Thanks to all who support us! L’Chaim Pura Vida

It is our prayer that through the offering of those moved by our Abba Kadosh help us to maintain, add to the needs of the facilities and the community but above all bless those who can’t afford to come. Some families and congregations can ‘t come because they have no finances to do so. We hope one day we could provide transportation and food for all who desire to come. These are your extended family in South Costa Rica. Remember them and us in your prayers.

Shalom U’brachot!
Elim was provided by YAH through the Airaudi family and now served by L’chaim Pura Vida!

(To see more photos from Elim and more, visit our Flickr account below:)
Tammy Montanez

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