How to Make: English Muffins & Citrus Curd

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Quite often we find ourselves with an abundance of some type of produce from the farm.
It’s a wonderful blessing from YHWH that we always seem to have plenty of lemons to sell,
share, and be creative with. Cold lemonade and refreshing lemon water are always welcome
on these hot days. For Shabbat breakfast we sometimes make Lemon Bread, but one of my
favorite things to make when we have extra eggs  and milk to go with our lemons is Citrus Curd.
It is a simply delightful spread on homemade bread, or in this case, English Muffins!

Waiting on Abba’s provision is a process. We don’t just run to the store to purchase what we need.
In order to make this recipe we had to wait for ripe lemons from the tree, the chickens to lay
enough eggs to spare(six eggs), milk the cows, and make butter.

Lemon Egg
Here is the link to the Lemon Curd Recipe:
Note: I juiced three lemons and used a little less sugar in my recipe.

English Muffins were always such a treat for breakfast growing up. Unless we go to the city
they are nonexistent in our local small stores, and really, who wants all that junk that
they put in them anyway? These were the perfect thing to go with the homemade Citrus Curd.

Curd and Muffins
Here is the link to the English Muffins Recipe:
Note: To my bread flour I added ground wheat, barley, and flax. When I have it
I usually add plantain flour as well but I was out when I made them.
I also used ground barley on the griddle.

Not only is this a great breakfast meal, but English Muffins are also wonderful toasted
and served warm with butter as a side to a main course, or as a snack with jelly or jam.

Until next time…

The Montañez Family
L’Chaim Pura Vida!

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