Weightier Matters

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On our most recent trip to Grecia (close to San Jose, the capital of Costa Rica), we were blessed with an abundance of clothes, sewing material, and other blessings to share with those in need. We were also given a sewing machine to bless someone with. We were able to go down to the Valle de La Estrella
(Valley of the Star in English) and bless 5-6 different families with some of the things that we were given. We weren’t able to get many pictures because several of the families were at the Clinic, but we were able to bless them, as well as spend some time with one of the families who have several children.


Psalms 127:3
Look, children are an inheritance from YHWH, the fruit of the womb is the reward.

Brother Jesus and Christopher attempted to fix a fan, but after seeing someone else had taken it apart, they couldn’t make it work. Sadly the fan has seen it’s final spin.

This beautiful table runner that was donated found a perfect home with one of our dear families.



Psalms 8:1-2
O YHWH, our Master, how excellent is Your Name in all the earth,
You who set Your splendour above the heavens!

Out of the mouth of babes and infants You have founded strength,
Because of Your adversaries, To put an end to enemy and avenger.



We met a single mother of two young children going to school, trying to finish her degree.
She would be the first one in her family to do so. She needs a place to live and keep
her children safe so she can continue studying. We can only help with your support.

Please continue praying for our servant family, and the hearts of the people here in Costa Rica. We also ask for prayers for rain, as we are in a very serious drought in our area, and the water levels are becoming extremely low.

Until Next Time…

The Monta
ñez Family
L’Chaim Pura Vida! 

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