From Trash to Treasure: Fixing “Broken” Electronics for a Purpose

To Our Costa Rica Family:

Our very talented son has been quite a blessing to us and others. Abba has given
him many gifts, including the ability to take other people’s disposed-of electronics
and other equipment and repair them. Not everything that’s broken is unfixable,
and not every piece of it is unusable. Our son takes parts of the electronics he’s given
and fixes them or uses them to fix others. He puts them to use, so don’t let them go
to waste. This has enabled our family to keep in contact with others around the world
through our cellphones and computers, all of which this young man has repaired or
restored. He is a true servant at heart and is known for going and helping neighbors
to repair their fans, weedeaters and other engines and electronics; pretty much
anything that has to do with electronics or mechanics!

Fixing a Computer

With a Washer motor that given to us by someone, we made a
“Picadora”- A tool to cut feed for large animals.

Please consider, before throwing away that cellphone, computer, MP3 player,
motors or appliances to instead donate it to L’Chaim and letting it possibly
be a blessing to someone else.

Until next time…

The Montañez Family
L’chaim Pura Vida






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