Lamb and Red Bean Chili

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For some, cooking chili can be challenging and sometimes even frustrating to
get right. Often it can turn out to be a wonderful soup that lacks the texture
and depth of flavor we normally find in a good chili. This recipe uses fresh pumpkin
that absorbs the flavors of the chili and lends a texture that helps to thicken it and
give it a depth of flavor unlike others.

chili-picLamb and Red Bean Chili

½ lb of ground lamb (or other ground meat such as beef, turkey or chicken.)
1 large onion
3 cloves of garlic
2 Tablespoons of olive oil
15 oz of pumpkin puree-boiled and mashed fresh pumpkin
28 oz diced tomatoes
2-15 oz of canned red beans or equivalent
2 cups of liquid (some type of broth. I used part chicken and water)
1 teaspoon dried parsley
1 Tablespoon of dark chili powder
1 teaspoon dried oregano
1 ½ teaspoons ground cumin
1 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon sugar
1 green bell pepper
4 oz tomato paste

1. Heat olive oil in a large pot. Add onion, garlic and pepper and saute.
2. Add lamb until lightly browned, stirring occasionally .(drain if necessary)
3. Add diced tomatoes, liquid, parsley, chili powder, oregano, cumin, salt, sugar, bell pepper and tomato paste. Stir mixture and cook on med-high for 10 minutes.
4. Stir in the beans and bring to a boil on high. Let boil for five minutes with the lid on and place the pot in the wonder oven. Make sure the bag is well sealed with the top pillow.
5. Cook for about 6-8 hours in the wonder oven.
6. Serve with a dollop of yogurt and a little shredded cheese on top.

We want to thank Aliisa De Salvo for her editing skills.

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