Wonder Oven Instructions and Recipes

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Wonder Oven Instructions and Recipes

Do to others as you would have them do to you…

Luke 6:31

We are always looking for alternative energy sources to save money, not just for us
but also for those in our community. The Wonder Oven, loosely based off the hay box
form of cooking, is a great resource. It allows us to cook with very little gas or fire;
just enough to bring food to a boil. If you can use it constantly, the savings can be more
than 50% on cooking energy. It is impossible to burn or over boil your food when using
the Wonder Oven. If you’re a mom with little ones, you don’t have to worry about
them getting burned on a hot stove or fire.

Basic Instructions
1. ALL food must be brought to a boil in a pot with a good fitting lid.
2. Make sure the bottom pillow is in place and use a dishtowel
to help prevent spills and scalding the material.

3. Place the pot in the Wonder Oven and cover it with the top pillow, making sure the
pillow is slightly puffed up and sticking out of the hole to prevent any heat from escaping.

4. Immediately pull the string to close tightly.

That’s it! Let it slow cook for the amount of time recommended in the recipe.
No peaking or you will need to start the process over.

After the cook time is complete Open and Enjoy.

*Use potholders.
When the pot comes out of the Wonder Oven it will be extremely hot.

*If the temperature outside is cold or the pot is a smaller size:
Use a nice thick towel or small blanket inside the bag to cover the pot.
This will help to hold in the heat better.

*When cooking meat:
Make sure the liquid in the pot covers it and is boiled for
a couple more minutes to thoroughly heat up the meat.

*Frozen Meat:
Do not cook frozen meat in the bag; it must be defrosted.

*Use the proper temperature for food:
Do Not place lukewarm food in the Wonder Oven, it will spoil.
Food must be brought to a rolling boil.

*Make sure the proper sized pot is used;
Use smaller pots for less food and larger pots for more food.

*Most slow cooker recipes can be made in the Wonder Oven.
*Foods stay cold and even frozen for hours.

The Montañez Family
L’Chaim Pura Vida!

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