DIY… How to Fix Your Too-Small Shirts!

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I love to upcycle clothing. Anything that I can change, add to, alter, etc., really gets my creativity going. So when I had this nice shirt that was a little small…cut, snip, sew… Beautiful! One of my new favorite upcycling sewing projects.

1. Start with a shirt you want to enlarge or even to replace underarm stains.
Cut right up each side seam of the shirt, from the hem all the way up through the sleeve.

You will need to cut on both sides of the seam to remove it. If you are
taking out an underarm stain you will need to cut the shirt the width
of the stain from the hem all the way up through the sleeve.

2. Measure the length of the shirt from the hem all the way up through the
sleeve and remember to add and two inches for the bottom and sleeve hem.

3. Decide how many inches wider the shirt needs to be, don’t forget
to add seam allowance. Measure and cut the piece of fabric to be added to the shirt.


4. Hem the piece of material first before sewing it to the shirt, top and bottom.

5. With right sides facing each other sew the piece of material to each side of the shirt.

6. Sew front first and then back side.

Don’t forget to zigzag or serge the seams.

DIY T-Shirt
That’s it! Beautiful and Simple!

Here is another alternative of the same idea.
It needed a little extra length and to be made wider on the bottom.

And there you go! Now you can upcycle just about any
too-small shirt, and even make it more beautiful then before.

The Montañez Family
L’Chaim Pura Vida!

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