Great Blessings

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Shalom! There has been some great things going on both on the farm and with our trips
out to visit families in the area. In case you didn’t know, we have a Ministry Facebook page, where most of what happens here daily is posted, but we wanted to share with
those that either don’t have Facebook or have not yet liked our Facebook page a chance
to see everything that has been going on over the last week or so, so here it is!

(Here is the link to the Facebook page in case you do have Facebook
and want to like the page: LChaimPuraVida)

(From August 14th, 2016)
We had a long night! We had two ewes give birth, but unfortunately the second one
rejected the lamb. We went to bed past midnight and woke up at 3am and then 5:15am
to feed the newborns. Now we have three bottle-fed lambs. It is stressful since the first 3 days is crucial for the lamb to survive, as well as being watchful not to overfeed the lamb. They look at you as soon as you walk by and say “baaa,waaa.” Not as cute as a human
baby but just as demanding… and without diapers LOL! Caring for the blessings that
YHWH gives us. We had scheduled a lot of work for today… Now we need to milk another ewe so we can give milk to the lambs. We also butchered a male sheep and gave some
to the neighbors. Taking care of the cows. Now our eyes feel heavy but it is almost
feeding time again. Like I said there is never a boring moment onthe farm. Praising
Abba YHWH for the 6 new lambs and the full freezer. HalleluYAH!


Mama rejected the white lamb so we must hold her so he can nurse.
He also gets a couple of ounces of raw cow’s milk a couple times a day.

(From August 16th, 2016)
Yesterday and today have been full of blessings and testings. We spoke about buying
tires on the way to the mechanic. For our car the cheapest Chinese tires we can buy cost over $100 each, which is hard for us to spend not knowing how the next month will be
for us. We had postponed buying new tires earlier this year and bought used ones.
When we got to the mechanic, he told us that he had someone who is selling two tires
our size in very good condition. Praise Abba he was close by and it was a known brother.
It was a blessing to be able to find this deal. HalleluYAH! Praying the other 2 tires are
also available in a week or two.



Ashley        14021451_600363493459851_390260281280894582_n
(From August 16th, 2016)
Tammy made 15 pairs of underwear to give to some of the ladies and girls who have
been a blessing to us and are in need. One of the ladies was very happy because all
she had were 3 pairs left. The smallest of the girls was wearing the ones Tammy made
last year for her cousin. Sometimes we need to count our blessings, like having access
to things like this that we took for granted in the US. Some people have no choice.

(From August 17th, 2016)
Today one of our new born lambs disappeared. Her mom came home by herself.
We walked the property up and down with the dogs searching, sweating like crazy.
Prayed to Abba YHWH who brings forth life and multiplies our herd. Came back to
the house and took the entire herd down to the pasture. And her mama kept calling.
Halfway down she wakes up from in-between some logs like nothing happened.
The little sheep was lost but now has been found. HalleluYAH!

(From August 17th, 2016)
We have no babies but someone else is spoiled… Orphan lamb we call Desi but his
full name is Desiderio Alberto Arnaz y de Acha III and he will play with the other
rejected bottle fed whining lamb named Luci. 🙂 We get to play parents to new born
lambs, wake up call is early 5:15 am. 😀

Please continue to pray for our servant family. May YHWH continue to use us,
and allow us to share more with others, both physically and most importantly Spiritually.

Shalom Ubrachot!
The Montañez Family
L’Chaim Pura Vida!

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