How to Make a Patchwork Wonder Oven

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When I first started looking at different patterns online I thought it would be impossible to make enough bags to provide for those who need and would benefit from them. All the creativity I have is given by YHWH through much prayer and to fill a need we could not otherwise do, including how to have enough fabric to make the wonder ovens. The price of fabric here in Costa Rica can be expensive, which means we would only be able to provide for a couple of bags. We have learned to be quite good at recycling and altering. I needed an easy pattern that I could piece together fabric. After a couple of trials and alterations I have fabricated one I am happy with, works and several families have already been Blessed with.

There are two patterns. One is from all store bought materials and this one is materials on hand or easily accessible. Although most patterns I have read say to use 100% cotton for the inside of the wonder oven that is not affordable to make and give away and the original Wonderbag is not made of 100% cotton. I do highly recommend placing a kitchen towel inside the wonder oven to keep from damaging the fabric from the hot pots and making clean-up easier from any spills.

Materials needed:
Outside of bag: 6 pieces of fabric 14” by 22”
Inside of bag: A piece of fabric 30” by 79”
Fleece, blanket or thick lining 22” by 79”

1/2” Seam allowance

1. Iron Material

2. Arrange outside fabric pieces how you want them together.

3. With right sides together pin seam allowance.

4. Sew with ½ inch seam allowance.

5. Zigzag seams and iron to one side.

6. Cut a piece of fabric 30” by 79”
I did not have the full length of material so I had to piece mine together to measure this size.

7. Sew and zigzag all seams. Remember in piecing
your fabric together to include your ½ “ seam allowance.

8. Measure and cut your thick lining 22” by 79”
Pin and baste wrong side of thick lining to wrong side of outside fabric of bag.

9. With right sides together, pin the bottom edge of outside
of bag to inside of bag with thick lining. Sew through all thicknesses.

10. Now you have a nice big Piece of fabric.

11. Fold fabric in half at bottom seam.
Measure 1 1/2” from bottom seam, exposing inside of bag fabric to outside.

12. Pin 2” in from edges on seam.

13. Sew just below seam creating a canal for drawstring.

14. Lay outside of bag facing up. Decide where the opening for the drawstring will be.
Fold over inside of bag fabric to outside. Fold under 3/4” on bottom. Mark off where the buttonhole will go.

15. I just placed an extra piece of material underneath for added strength to the buttonhole.

16. Sew buttonhole for drawstring.

17. Pin, through inside and outside layers of bag, at seams of all pieced fabric.
Sew from bottom canal stitch to very top of outside of bag fabric to one side of seam.


18. Pin right sides of raw edges of fabric together opening up bottom
edge of canal and matching seams. Sew a 1/2” seam allowance. Zigzag edges.

19. Turn bag right side out. Pin and sew through all thicknesses to side of seam just made in last step. You should have six pockets to fill later.

20. On the bottom canal, stitch to almost the other side of canal stitching. Leave just enough to run safety pin and drawstring through.

21. Going through the middle of the pocket with the opening for the drawstring canal, thread your drawstring through using a safety pin to guide your string. Pull and tighten as much as possible. Tie tight and cut off ends. I used approximately 8” of parachord for the bottom drawstring. You must have a long tail to thread through the whole thing though.

22. This is what the bottom looks like before being stuffed.


23. Stuff your pockets. There are many things to stuff them with. Shredded foam is what
we have readily available. Some people use Styrofoam pellets, hay, sheep wool, newspaper. Any type of insulating material. Fill each pocket up to the top without overfilling it.

24. Fold under 3/4” on top edge of inside of bag fabric. Overlapping
top of open pocket pin inside bag fabric to outside, closing pockets. Sew.

25. Thread drawstring through top canal. Make sure there is enough drawstring to open the bag completely. As I do not have access to a drawstring stop I used a wooden bead to help prevent the strings from getting pulled into the bag. Also tie a knot in the ends of the strings. There is nothing more frustrating then getting ready to close your bag only to discover a string has gotten pulled inside.

Before your wonder oven can be complete it needs two small pillows.
One to cover the bottom opening and rest the cooking pot on
and one for the top to prevent any heat from escaping the top opening

26. Cut four 10 inch circles. With right sides together sew two sets of pillows leaving a small gap to turn and stuff. Turn and stuff each pillow and sew up the opening.

Placing a dish towel inside your wonder oven will
help keep it clean and prevent the fabric from scorching.

This particular wonder oven is going with a widow to Nicaragua. The only way for her
to take it with her is empty so the finished wonder oven is of another one I have completed.
And that is how you make a patchwork wonder oven!

The ones below are mine. The top one is made of left over pieces of fabric.

The bottom one is an extra large bag for use with a rather large pot. Instead of purchasing fabric I used some nice secondhand sheets and pieced them together.

You can be as creative or as simple with your colors as you like.

Why not try out this great stuffed cannelloni recipe in your newly made wonder oven!

The Montañez Family
L’Chaim Pura Vida!

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