Give Thanks to YHWH!

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Psalms 107:31, 37-38
Let them give thanks to YHWH for His kindness, And His wonders to the children of men!
37 And they sow fields and plant vineyards, And they make fruits of increase.
38 And He blesses them, And they increase greatly; And He lets not their cattle diminish.

It really is amazing to see everything that is able to grow in a place like this. With there not really being a winter in Costa Rica you can grow things here almost all year around (except for the driest part of the dry season). A lot of what we eat comes from the farm, and it without question helps us save money as well as keep our bodies healthier since we aren’t eating nearly as much processed and chemically-sprayed fruits and vegetables.

Our Papaya tree. Did you know that not only does ripe Papaya taste good and look beautiful, but it is also high in vitamins, antioxidants, and nutrients as well? Not only that, but the leaves can be blended and made into a drinkable paste that can be used to heal dengue?(A mosquito-based virus that is very prevalent in Central America)

Look at all the Basil Plants!

Green Beans

Our Green Bean plant.

Not only have we seen the “fruit of the ground” here, but the “fruit of the livestock” as well! More chickens than we can count, over 25 sheep, cows, ducks, fish, etc. It’s truly amazing to see the beauty that has shown forth in this place.

This is a funny story. We were given some birds called Guinea Hens, a smaller-sized fowl
that is really good for meat. One day, we were looking outside, and we realized that
the Guineas were following the male Turkey! It’s really rather funny to see,
especially when they’re all bunched together next to the Turkey.

Green Peppers

Yum, Green Peppers! It took us a while to get these plants to grow,
but they are now beautifully giving fruit!


Our newest cute little calf named Sparky.

Deuteronomy 28:1-4
1 “And it shall be, if you diligently obey the voice of YHWH your Elohim, to guard to
do all His commands which I command you today, that YHWH your Elohim shall
set you high above all nations of the earth.
2 “And all these blessings shall come upon you and overtake you,
if you obey the voice of YHWH your Elohim:
3 “Blessed are you in the city, and blessed are you in the field.
4 “Blessed is the fruit of your body, and the fruit of your ground and the fruit
of your livestock – the increase of your cattle and the offspring of your flocks.


Our Cucumber plant.


Sister Tammy and One of Our Cute Lambs Named Luci. It’s mother unfortunately does not take very good care of her, so we are giving her warm milk and lots of loving to help give her the best chance at making it. She is a beautiful little lamb(even if she does baaaaaa just like her mother… TOO MUCH!)

The Beautiful View

Our Beautiful View!

May YHWH be Praised and Glorified for all that He has done, is doing,
and will continue to do. He is our Provider, our Healer, our Giver of Life,
everything that we have is thanks to Him. HalleluYAH!

Please continue to pray for our servant Family. It is not always easy to live out
this walk, especially living in what could be considered a rather isolated place.
But on the other hand, we have seen such amazing blessings that we would
not have seen almost anywhere’s else. May YHWH be Praised!

The Montañez Family
L’Chaim Pura Vida!

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