Feed My Sheep…

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Yesterday I was comparing the sheep of someone I know that lives down
the mountain with my own. My sheep surround me and eat from my hands,
while his sheep were on the road and he had tied a stick to the neck of his ram
so he would not come out of his fenced yard.

This morning I went to let my sheep out of their pen late.
They were whining and complaining. Then I led them to the pasture
and gave them bananas and feed and they where quiet and pleasant.
When sheep are hungry they act like goats… they get out of the pastures, jump fences,
eat plants they otherwise wouldn’t eat, push the shepherd, etc.


Now I think I understand why Yahshua said, “Do you love me?… Feed my sheep.”
See, “Faith comes by hearing (Shema=Hear and Obey) and Hearing by the Torah of Elohim.”“Not only by Bread alone man shall live but by Every Word
that comes of the Mouth of Elohim”

“Feed my sheep” as the Good Shepherd would, I thought again.
When we stop sharing Torah, we stop “feeding the sheep” and then
they become “goats”… When the sheep are hungry, thirsty, or afraid,
they act like there are no fences, no shepherd, no instructions… “Not only by Bread alone”… Then Yahshua will come and divide the sheep from the goats for judgment….
For not Doing-Shema-Obeying… To go to the poor, widows and fatherless
because when we do to them we do it to Him… Who stopped feeding the sheep?
Who are teaching to stop sharing Torah while doing Torah? “Do you love Me?”

Set Them Free…
Feed the Sheep The Truth will set them free!!!!
L’chaim Pura Vida


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