Feed My Sheep, Part 2…

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IMG_20160512_081917_588John 10:27
“My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me.”

Sheep behave like sheep as long as they can Trust their Shepherd.
“Demons Believe and Tremble”. Without Trust we cannot come to the Shepherd
who lays us down in green pastures (Torah), and by still waters (Living Waters/Ruach).
When sheep are hungry and afraid they behave like goats. The Shepherd
then Instructs and Corrects with His Staff. Some may see them as wild sheep
but their behavior makes them flee from their Shepherd and they act like there
are no boundaries or fences (Instructions/Torah), just like rebellion.

IMG_20160424_162907_441The Good Shepherd knows them by voice and temperament, and they Trust in Him.
It takes time to instruct sheep; Feeding them and teaching them trust is
not a short prayer; It takes perseverance. A true Shepherd knows what scares His sheep,
so He provides comfort with His Words of Shalom(which is Trust when we Believe.)
As long as the sheep are well fed on green pasture (Torah/Bread/Life), deworming
their pastures/weeds (t’shuvah/repentance), and given water (Living waters/Ruach),
they do not need fences to stay within the Instructions of their Shepherd.

Jeremiah 50:6
My people have been lost sheep; Their shepherds have caused them to go astray,
They have turned them away on the mountains; They have gone from mountain to hill,
They have forgotten their resting-place.

The sheep act and then look. They react and then understand. When the Shepherd comes through another way He never comes or they hear another voice or sound He never makes the sheep flee. If another shepherd comes and the voice is strange to the sheep they fear,
stress, and run towards the ditch or the wilderness alone. Scripture calls this one the
“thief and robber” of His sheep. This one who comes in another way and steals
the trust the sheep had in the Shepherd. When they follow the leader of the
herd they act like them instead of following and Trusting in the Shepherd.


See Trusting in YHWH to do what He said He would do is the Walk through
the Pastures. Some sheep get lost when they go into the wilderness without their Shepherd. Sometimes in drought we must be taken to areas where we have never been.
If we do not Trust in the Good Shepherd we might start acting like goats that
need to be kept tied or behind tight fences. When we lose Trust in the
Instructions of our Shepherd we influence others to act like goats.
We stop doing what the Shepherd desires and He must use His rod of correction.

Do we love Him even after correction? Do we Trust Him? Do we Love Him?,
Do we recognize a thief? Are we hungry or thirsty? Do we know His voice and Instructions?

The Montañez Family
L’Chaim Pura Vida!

For more information on common Sheep health problems caused by worms,
and how to treat and keep them healthy, please click on the link below:

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